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    Policies & History


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    Policies & History

    Post  Akino on Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:31 pm


    Aegis is a guild based on winning together, and play to win together. We always remember it's just a game, to make it an enjoyable game we have to spend it with our friends. Aegis has been gaming together for about 3 years, we are quite a new Guild, still we had a lot of different experiences, both good and bad as well, but we always sticked together and we always ended up having a great time. We've dominated often and showed that we are worth to be respected. We've had our victories and we've had our losses, this guild made it through all this alive and is now more experienced then ever.

    Aegis has come quite a long way since it established itself as a Premier Alliance in Kung Foo. When it officially broke ground in the Kung Foo community during the early days of 2010, it set out with a mission to bring its unique and versatile system to those whom are willing to take the journey. It has grown and developed to meet the unique challenges that Kung Foo has presented the community.

    Aegis continues to strive for an accelerated edge on game-play fundamentals. To facilitate our competitive edge and drive to succeed early on, our dedicated core played the Malaysian versions and Chinese version to further our overall knowledge of the game for some sort of edge. Aegis focuses intensely on all aspects of game-play, and we place special emphasis on our members. As our system matures we are slated to offer many perks that other Alliances simply can not, or do not want to. Some of these perks include financial support for purchase of Embueing , designated Alliance crafters, etc. Once our Alliance has reached it's ultimate goal of self-sufficiency, we also plan to provide monthly stipends to our members and/or direct item procurement.

    The future of Aegis is to bring back a sense of community that has since been lost due to the advent of many modern MMO's. We maintain a stance of professionalism and nobility in our everyday interactions with the Kung Foo community. Aegis does not grief other players/legions, nor will it tolerate any actions by outside entities doing so. When someone in the outside community sees an Aegis member, it is our basic mission to leave a lasting, positive impression, on that individual. We aim to be a Alliance that is well received and respected in the community.


    We were formed at first in Cabal we also played in Kung Foo, HOT3K,C9, and some others.
    Few Games were we gained our Respect.
    And we will gain our Respect in SM


    Real life>Game
    All ways think about it it's a game and it's not worth destroying you're health.
    Manner the Guild members and have fun with them.
    Aegis will all ways protect you.


    We are aiming to become on of the stronger and respected Guilds in game.
    Of course we won't forget to have fun during it.
    To create a fun Community and to be proud that we are Aegis Members.


    Of course there are Ranks,
    Still you have to gain our trust to gain the rank you want to.
    If you wanna gain a higher responsibility then you have to show that you're worth for it
    with you're activity and the effort you're giving to us.

    All ways think the Aegis members are you're friends not you're enemy.
    All-ways manner the your friends.
    No pk's without permissions.
    No Ksing
    Help the one who asks you to, if you have the possibility.
    Don't offend the community,
    Don't affect the reputation from our Guild

    Forum Rules:
    Care what words you're using, manner every1.
    Don't spam, or offend a Forum Member.
    Try to be active.

    Those are the rules and the History of our Guild, try to accept them.
    If you have any opinions on other Rules pm me.

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